Milwaukee Internet Marketing

Hmmm, so your a local business in Milwaukee and you want to increase your presence on the internet, where to start!?!?
Well, hopefully, this blog will enspire you, or educate you, or…get you to call Brew City Marketing!!!

Brew City Marketing is a local internet marketing agency in Milwaukee and we have been in business since 2009. When we
first started the company we were “fresh fish” so to speak; we really didn’t know much about internet marketing. We were more focused on web design.

Well we have come miles since that time. Our customers told us what they were insterested in and we listened. A well designed, good looking website is important to have, but if it doesn’t come up well on the search engines, than you might as well take that good looking website and put it in the closet. It really did not take us long at all to figure that one out. So once we figured it out, what did we do about it?

Once we understood that we needed to offer solid internet marketing strategies in addition to our solid web design Milwaukee work, we begin the long process of reading about it, subscribing to blogs, joining forums, talking to different experts, and of course trying out different tactics. We launced, tested, re-launched and re-tested all of the different strategies that we learned about. Some were good, some were awesome, some were not so good at all. And after a few years of trialing all these different strategies, we finally got it right.

Internet marketing is not a magic trick, or smoke and mirror, so to speak, it’s understanding the science behind the algorithms; it’s knowing what the search engines are looking for and providing it. When you do a search for “internet marketing Milwaukee” in Google, you will find that Brew City Marketing is well positioned in the search results. This was not achieved by luck, but by implementing the same strategies that we employ for our clients.

By understanding the logic behind search engine optimization, we have positioned ourselves to be a top tier premier internet marketing agency in Milwaukee and have the capability to offer excellent internet marketing assitance to any local business in Milwaukee that is seeking search engine success.

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